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Maya Spiritual Healing-Workshops
Traditional Maya Healing Approaches for Body, Mind and Spirit 

Single Sessions at my Office in Belmopan:
Personal Cleansing
Traditional healing is a universal tapestry that has been woven throughout history with patterns and themes that reverberate from culture to culture universally.  Although the Maya contribution to this world tapestry has been neglected and was nearly lost, the colors and patterns remain, reflecting wisdom for those who choose to see.
Maya Spiritual Healing addresses several different emotional and spiritual conditions and put you more in control of your own healing process.  It reestablishes and deepens your sense of connection to the natural world by expanding your team of healing helpers and teaching you to call upon faith, plants, spiritual bathing, prayers and rituals. 
This work adds the idea of humans as energy beings of light to our thinking about healing, a notion long maintained by many ancient peoples, including the Maya.
The Maya recognize ailments of the spirit that the human eye cannot see and medical diagnosis cannot understand, such as sadness, grief, fright and envy.  They are part of the “magical-mystical” world, and have traditionally been the responsibility of the h’men.
My tools are: prayer, blessed water, plants and copal.

Space Cleansing
With moving into a new home space cleansing can shift  the energy left behind by previous tenants or previous house owners. Especially old houses with lots of previous owners benefit from it greatly, sometimes they need to be purified from negative entities which have attached themselves to the a room or the property.
If you are selling your house, have your home cleansed of emotional attachment and unresolved issues which may repel potential buyers. House cleansing can help you so people feel welcome and safe and eager to move in.
Space cleansing can help to shift the energy after a fight or an aggressive discussion or after a visit of a person with negative energy like envy or any other negative issue. 
Space Cleansing of your working area is helpful to support you with uplifting energy and a healthy environment. 
My tools are: prayer, blessed water, plants and copal.

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